Our Favorite People

These Facebook groups are specific to their skill and don't wander off into unrelated topics.  We are doing the heavy lifting by screening groups and starting new ones where there are gaps.  Please feel free to suggest others.

Be assured that a least one of us is a member of and experienced with each of these groups and know them well.



A group for Bobbin Lace Makers (no other crafts or forms of lace), experienced, and beginners alike. A place to share, encourage and inspire.


A great goup of addicts committed to enjoying their addiction.


A huge group focused on crochet of all kind. 


A large, very focused and very international group.  I have learned so much here.


A very focused lace knitting group. 


A large but not huge support group for knitters, crocheters and all lovers of yarn.


A spinoff of The Knitting Group with the same rules and some additional ones specific to charity knitting.

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